The content here is an abomination and several of the contributors known troublemakers. This is not a service to or for the betterment of the American Civil War hobby community. Nor is this site a positive influence. Do not read the posts here if you are a humorless prig or prissy Nancy Boy. The moderators here are mean-spirited, uncredentialed, uncultured and uneducated white trash. These forums are unseemly and have a decidedly elitist air. The posts exude arrogance, smugness and self-satisfaction that Nancy Boys find repellent. You have been warned.




Otters Tumbling Backwards

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This is not a Civil War forum no matter what you might have heard. There is nothing here about history or reenacting. There are random posts with more information about such things than some Civil War reenacting forums have ever had but it isn't our fault or intention. Moderators accept cash bribes for cool titles. Be sure to visit the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History at The University of Oklahoma. Eat your oatmeal.
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"How am I supposed to reenact in mud/dust and keep my keyboard clean?"

---Russ Stanley

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